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Tandem Skydive

Home of the $99-Tandem-For-Life Offer!  Experience freefall and parachute flight attached to one of our instructors. You will be attached by a harness to one of our highly experienced and FAA rated instructors. No experience necessary… More Info here>>

If you have one of our Tandem-For-Life or other Gift Certificate already paid for, then please call us to book (800-888-JUMP)

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Learn To Skydive

Take the Big Leap and come to our Ground School for your first AFF Jump. After training, you will jump with your own parachute and two instructors. The 1st step in getting your USPA License. No experience necessary… More Info

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or Call 800-888-JUMP or Local 813-783-9399


July, 2014

4-5-6 - July 4 Weekend - Always a good time at Skydive City over the long weekend.  Friday night Shenanigans

4th (Friday) - Night Jump load.  Anyone interested in a Night Jump? B license required and we can get a couple load sup and watch the fireworks from above.  Sign up on the reservations page.

5th (Saturday) - 6-Way Competition on Saturday the 5th, $20 per person registration plus 4 jump tickets gets you an organizer/captain and video.  Bring a team, or we can help you organize one here with some help from our staff on that.  Video provided, but bring your own if you can.  Video and Captains slot is free.  You can sign up here>>

Food every night over the weekend, and a great party.  Gonna burn up the rest of the firewood for the summer months!

12-13 - FurtheranZe FS Camp - Run by Veteran competitor/formation skydiving coach Bob Byrne. Saturday & Sunday. Cost will be $25 registration fee for each day, 6 Skydive City jump tickets, and share of video. Registration must be paid to reserve a slot. The easiest way to pay registration is to visit Skydive City's reservations page here>>FMI, contact Bob via the Facebook linkin the first paragraph, or at his email address: byrnerj@yahoo.com.